Philips 109B65/27 Monitor 3.0



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Philips 109B65/27 Monitor 3.0 driver description:

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Installation notes:

1. Start Windows XP
2. Click the Start button; point to Settings and click on Control Panel.
3. Select and click on Printers and Other Hardware
4. Click on the Display icon.
5. Choose the Settings tab and then click the Advanced button.
6. Choose the Monitor tab

- If the 'Properties' button is inactive, your monitor is properly configured. Please stop installation.
- If the Properties button is active, click on the Properties button and proceed to step 7.
7. Click on Driver and Update Driver.
8. Choose the Install from a list or specific location [advanced] button
9. Click Next and then the Have Disk button
10. Choose the Don't Search. I will choose the driver to install button. Click on the Next button
11. Click the Have Disk button.
12. Click the Browse button and choose the drive in which you've placed the disk. Example: F: (CD-ROM Drive).
11. Click the Open button.
13. Click the OK button and choose your monitor model. Click on the Next button.
- If the Has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with Windows XP message appears, click the Continue Anyway button.
14. Click on the Finish button and then the Close button
15. Click OK button twice to close the Display Properties dialog box.

Do not forget to set a system restore point before installing Philips 109B65/27 Monitor 3.0 driver, to avoid problems that may occurs when you install a wrong driver, or for other OS version etc. If a problem occur than you may restore you computer to previous time, before installing the driver.

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